How Many Teeth Do Rabbits Have

How Many Teeth Do Rabbits Have?

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The purpose of a rabbit’s teeth is to chomp and chew its food.

Since rabbits are herbivores, they will never be forced to rip apart meat or gnaw on bones in their lifetimes.

Rabbits have incisors, molars, and premolars instead of the sharp canines found in the mouths of cats and dogs. In other words, their teeth are a combination of the these three types of teeth.

Rabbits & Their Teeth

The teeth of rabbits are cylindrical in shape and develop a gentle curve as the animal matures.

Two primary incisors on both the top and the bottom are the large teeth visible at the front, two peg teeth which are the smaller ones located next to the main top ones, and 22 premolars and molars, which are the grinders at the back.

Each side has six on the top and five on the bottom.

There are 16 primary milk teeth and 28 permanent teeth in a rabbit’s mouth. Incisors are the teeth that are visible in the front of the mouth.

The molars and premolars are positioned in a row at the back of the mouth and are collectively referred to as the cheek teeth.

They have milk teeth, also deciduous ones when they are young, but as they grow, they are eventually replaced by permanent teeth.

Hypsodont Teeth

Hypsodonts are something that can be found in the mouths of rabbits.

This indicates that their teeth have a pattern of dentition known as high-crowned teeth and enamel that extends past the gum line.

This gives them additional material to withstand the effects of wear and tear.

Cows and horses are two examples of animals that have hypsodont dentition because they eat rough and fibrous material.

Other examples include pigs and goats. Brachydont refers to the condition that is the polar opposite of brachydont.


Diphyodonts is a term that refers to the fact that similar to humans, and rabbits will grow two complete sets of teeth over their lives.

A person’s first set of teeth are called milk teeth, and permanent teeth eventually succeed as they progress through. 

Teeth Trimming

Two distinct approaches can be taken to reduce the size of rabbit teeth to a more manageable level.

The initial and most strongly recommended course of action is to take your rabbit to a qualified veterinarian specializing in rabbit dentistry.

Many advise against doing this because it causes a significant amount of pain and anxiety for the rabbit and the person carrying it out.

The second approach is to give your rabbit something to eat with more substance. This will result in the natural wearing down of the rabbit’s teeth.

Your rabbit needs to chew on things to maintain good dental health, so make sure to give it plenty of things that are safe to chew.

Toys that are simple blocks made of safe woods and other plants, toys specifically designed for rabbits to chew, and homemade toys are all viable options.

Dangers Of Rabbits Teeth

How Many Teeth Do Rabbits Have?
Rabbits don’t have to rip meat from bones for food, but their bite can still be nasty

Although rabbits are not known to be generally aggressive toward humans, there have been reports of individual rabbits occasionally chomping or biting people.

This is a very unpleasant circumstance, and a qualified medical professional must be consulted first and foremost.

It is possible to teach the rabbit not to bite, and the following are some pointers that will help you accomplish this goal.

It’s possible that some approaches will work while others won’t. Some involve operations, while others are more routine in nature.

  • Give your rabbit more enclosure space
  • Stay out of Rabbits enclosure
  • Feed With Feeding Spoon
  • Bond More With Rabbit

In light of the above discussion, it is essential to note that rabbits can occasionally display behavior that is not typical for various reasons.


Hormone production in rabbits begins roughly between the ages of four and six months.

Rabbits typically respond to this situation with frustrated and aggressive behavior.

It’s a typical explanation for why rabbits, which were previously very placid and friendly, will suddenly become aggressive.

To avoid problems with aggressive behavior caused by hormones, it is best to have your rabbit spayed or neutered.


Rabbits can become frustrated and bored if they are confined to a cage that is too small or does not have enough enrichment.

As a result of their irritation, they will lash out and may end up biting people.

Sick Or In Pain

When rabbits aren’t feeling well, they can develop a short fuse and sometimes act irritable.

Because they are so uncomfortable, they might try to bite anyone who comes near them.

For instance, if a rabbit has sore ears and you wear to touch the sore spot, the rabbit may bite as a means of discouraging you from feeling the painful area.


Regarding their food, rabbits can become possessive and extra enthusiastic.

If you have a treat in your hand and your rabbit is interested in eating it, they may try to bite your hand to get to the food.

Territorial Animals

It’s not unusual for female rabbits to be very possessive of their territories.

They might try to defend their territory by attacking any intrusions and driving them away by doing so.

This indicates that they have the potential to attack us humans if they perceive us to be a threat. 


This brings us to the conclusion of today’s article and walkthrough on rabbits’ teeth, as well as the number of teeth that rabbits have.

There are only 28 teeth in a rabbit’s mouth, including two primary incisors on both the top and bottom and 22 premolars and molars (the grinders at the back of the mouth).

Each side has six teeth on top and five teeth on the bottom.

Because of the mysterious fact that their teeth never stop growing, the stereotypical bunny rabbit has buck teeth.

Additionally, these teeth need to be trimmed once a month, and it is strongly recommended that this be done professionally through a rabbit trimming service.

There is also the possibility that your rabbit is experiencing underlying health problems, causing it to behave abnormally.

Before attempting any other method, you should always ensure that your rabbit’s health is in good condition.

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