Do Rabbits Bite?

Do Rabbits Bite?

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Rabbits by nature are gentle creatures, which is part of what makes them great pets. They are calm and docile and generally get along with other rabbits and humans. This poses the questions: Do rabbits bite? Why do rabbits bite? Do rabbits bite each other? And finally, why do rabbits bite humans?

Do Rabbits Bite Humans?

Yes, in certain situations, a rabbit will bite or even scratch a human.  Rabbits that are caged a lot of the time may bite to defend their territory.  Rabbits will also bite humans to protect their food or to assert dominance.  

Why Do Rabbits Bite?

Rabbits by nature are not biters. However, certain situations and triggers will cause them to become aggressive and they may bite. A rabbit can be a temperamental pet.

Rabbits Health

Because rabbits are great at hiding sickness, obtaining a wellness check on your rabbit once a year is smart preventive medicine and can help you understand what is normal for your bunny and what could require medical treatment.

Unhealthy Rabbit

A rabbit who is in good health is a happy bunny. Rabbits that are happier don’t bite. Rabbits, like people, can become ill, which can be uncomfortable or painful for them. To express their discomfort, they often nip or bite their owners.

Rabbits that aren’t properly cared for can become sick. They may begin to avoid social contact and become irritated. They will almost always bite and possibly scratch you under these conditions.

Injured Rabbit

Traumatic injuries in pet rabbits are fairly common, and in many situations, they can be avoided. Common injuries include torn toenails – their toenails can easily get stuck in the grates of the cage and tear. Broken bones are common. The rabbit’s bones are fragile and it doesn’t take much for them to get broken. If the bunny is startled, it can fall or run into an object and fracture a bone.

Pregnant Rabbits

Pregnant rabbits can be moody and may bite if they are hungry or agitated. Aside from providing plenty of food, water, a few fruity treats, and a little pet, if she allows it, you should leave a pregnant rabbit alone. Rabbits are emotional and even more so during pregnancy.

Rabbits Living Area

White Rabbit inside home. Do rabbits bite? Do Rabbits bite humans?
Will this cute bunny bite?

Some rabbits prefer a little extra room to move about. Because no two rabbits are alike, they will not feel at ease in the same setting.

Some rabbits can survive in cramped quarters and still be content. Others, rabbits prefer to extend their legs and be able to move around more. They can become stressed in a confined space.

These rabbits tend to scratch and bite at the enclosure’s walls and gates. When you open the enclosure to feed them, they may bite or scratch you. In addition, a stinky or filthy enclosure can cause your rabbit to become stressed. Rabbits have no odor and maintain a clean environment. Smelly rabbits, especially those maintained in filthy cages, will bite.

Rabbits in Heat

Bunnies have intense reproductive needs. When the bunny is unable to achieve those needs. The bunny can become extremely stressed. Bunnies that are in heat can become aggressive and bite unexpectedly.

Examine the age and behavior of the bunny. It’s probably in heat if it doesn’t have a partner and shows no signs of disease.

When they are no longer in heat, the bunnies will stop biting. However, when they go back into heat, the biting will return. It is in the bunny’s and owner’s best interest to have the bunny spayed or neutered.


Some rabbits are picky eaters and they will get upset if you try to feed them something they do not like or want to eat. The pet rabbit’s refusal to eat new foods should be your first clue that they do not like what you’re serving them. If you try to compel them to eat, they may become hostile and bite you.

It is important to feed a rabbit at about the same time every day. If you do not, it will cause the bunny to become stressed. If the pet rabbit is overweight or obese and is put on a diet to help it lose weight and improve its health (first, the rabbit doesn’t care about being on a diet), it just wants to eat what it likes.) When the rabbit owner refuses to feed the rabbit what they want and, in the quantity, they want the rabbit becomes stressed which leads to agitation and biting.

If you attempt to limit the amount of time they have to eat a meal, you will likely get bitten. Rabbits are fickle when it comes to their food and it doesn’t take much to stress them out.


If a rabbit becomes scared or fearful, they will respond by trying to protect themselves. The most common source of stress in rabbits is fear and there are a variety of things that can frighten a pet rabbit.

Introducing a new rabbit into the home or a relationship with a new owner, other rabbits, or other animals that live in the same house can cause the rabbit stress.

If a new rabbit owner wants to avoid being bitten, don’t try to touch or pet the rabbit until it has had a little time to get used to its new home. The new owner should not introduce the rabbit to other rabbits, animals in the house, or family members. They say animals never bite the hand that feeds them – this is not true for rabbits. Anytime a rabbit is stressed, they feel the need to defend themselves and they do this by biting and scratching.

A pet rabbit will even bite another rabbit or any family pet that gets close enough to them, including cats and dogs. When a rabbit is scared and stressed, they do not have the ability to think that thing (dog) is a lot bigger than me, maybe I should go over there in the corner and hide till it goes away. Rabbits are hardwired to bite.

Why Do Rabbits Bite Each Other?

Two Rabbits. Do Rabbits Bite? Why do rabbits bite each other?
Why would these bunnies bite each other?

There are several reasons why rabbits bite each other. Sometimes it’s part of a ritual and other times it is out of aggression or even jealousy. Rabbit behavior is unpredictable. Asking the question why do rabbits bite each other comes with several answers.


Rabbits are territorial. Two rabbits will frequently fight for dominance. Rabbits are prey animals. If they feel intimidated, they will fight to stay alive. Because rabbits battle over food, shelter, territory, and attention, this survival drive can lead to aggression.

Rabbits are social animals that live by a hierarchy. If an owner has more than one rabbit one of them has to be in charge. The more rabbits the more biting you can expect. This is one of the main answers to the question – why do rabbits bite each other?


Unfixed rabbits tend to be more aggressive due to their hormones and desire to mate and reproduce (see also ‘Do Rabbits Lay Eggs?‘). Female rabbits have an inherent desire to reproduce and care for/raise their young. Male rabbits are driven by their hormones. When mating is not an option, the rabbits can become aggressive and bite each other.


If rabbits are restless and bored, they will pass the time fighting and biting each other. That is why it is so important to make sure pet rabbits have plenty of chew toys and other toys to play with.

Rabbits Biting Each Others Fur

Many pet rabbit owners do not understand rabbits biting each other’s fur. It can be a sign of aggression, dominance, or a kind gesture. It is actually normal behavior for a rabbit to pull out its fur and the fur of other rabbits the bunk or spend a lot of time with.

Fear / Stress

Fear and stress are possible reasons why rabbits bite out their own fur and bite each other’s fur. It shows dominance and it is a defense mechanism.

False Pregnancy

False pregnancies happen more often than you might think with rabbits. When the rabbit doesn’t give birth after the 30-35 day gestation period, they become frustrated and a way to relieve some of the frustration is to bite out some of their fur. Even other female rabbits will join in and bite out the fur of the rabbit with the false pregnancy.

Helping Hand

Rabbits often bite each other’s fur to help them with grooming, specifically to remove fleas from their fellow rabbit roommates. Sometimes rabbits will bite out each other’s fur while playing.

Rabbits are amazing pets. In order to have a good relationship with a pet rabbit, the owner must first understand why the rabbit behaves the way it does.

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