do cats eat rabbits?

Do Cats Eat Rabbits?

Cats do, in fact, prey on bunnies and sometimes eat them. Cats are born predators, and if they spot a rabbit, they’re likely to chase it down and kill it. These prey animals are most likely to be eaten by wild cats. Domestic cats, on the other hand, will jump and hunt. Hunters like these are unlikely to eat their catch, unlike their wild counterparts. If they’re very starving, they might.

There is a lengthy history of hunters among cats. These characteristics make them potentially dangerous to other animals. It is likely that a cat will play and even kill and eat with a rabbit because they are prey animals.

A Cat’s Diet

Cats are carnivores when planning your cat’s food regimen. As a result, they’d rather consume meat than any other food.

As a result, a large number of wildcats will chase down rabbits if they spot one. The truth is that wild cats consume raw flesh such as rabbits. While domestic cats should not eat raw rabbit meat, wild cats are able to handle it because they are already used to eating raw meat.

However, consuming raw rabbit meat can make our pets unwell. Tularemia is a disease that can be contracted as a result of this. You should never allow your pet cat to go after rabbits. It is clear that cats are capable of hunting, catching, and killing rabbits.

A lengthy line of hunters has brought these creatures to the table. Thus, despite being domesticated, they still retain a strong desire to hunt. Wild rabbits are probably better at hunting and eating rabbits. Furthermore, these prey species are likely to be eaten after they’ve been hunted. It’s because wild cats must hunt to eat and stay alive. As a result, if these cats spot rabbits, they’ll be motivated to kill them.

Domestic cats are nonetheless driven by a natural need to hunt. As a result, if they spot a rabbit moving in the area, they’ll likely follow it. However, unlike their wild counterparts, they won’t have the same level of killing intent. Despite the fact that they may only obtain a kill by doing so, their intensity is most likely based on playing rather than winning.

What sets domestic cats apart from feral cats is their lack of willingness to harm just for food. As a matter of fact, they’d prefer to play rather than fight. Thus, if the rabbit does die, the cat will leave it behind. It is unusual for the cat to come back and play with it at a later time.

Domestic Cats Killing Rabbits?

First and foremost, it is important to remember that cats are naturally lively creatures. As a result, they react to virtually any movement they detect.

If a large number of rabbits are roaming around your neighborhood, it’s probable that your pet notices them and treats them as a plaything.

Furthermore, you can provide the cat with some nibbles or treats to ensure that it is not hungry when it goes outside. Cats are naturally curious and lively animals.

Pet Rabbit & Pet Cat

If you get a rabbit, it is possible that your cat will become hostile and kill it. You can, however, avoid this by introducing both animals to each other at an early stage.

You can never be completely certain of your rabbit’s safety when dealing with a cat. It is therefore recommended that you keep both pets apart if you intend to get them both.

The only way to assure that neither of the pets are injured when you are not around is to do so. In the event that this is the first time that both pets have met, try making the introductions in a progressive manner.

The best rule of thumb is to believe that the cat poses a threat to your rabbit. This means you will constantly be on the lookout for danger and will be able to keep your rabbit protected from your cat.

It takes time and care to become friends with a cat or a rabbit, but it is possible. A lot of time is required for this to transpire. The best course of action is to conduct a formal introduction of your cat and rabbit.

If you want to keep a rabbit and a cat together in the same house and care for them together, you must first introduce them. You might be surprised that your cat and rabbit get along immediately without any intervention.

orange tabby cat
Keep cats away from your rabbits

To make both your kitty and your rabbit feel comfortable in each other’s presence, you should take the following steps:

Always keep an eye on your new pet while you’re looking after your old one. Cats and rabbits, in contrast to smaller pets, are large enough to generate a commotion and deliver a lethal blow to a companion pet.

Things can quickly spiral out of control if they are not closely monitored, particularly during their first few weeks. Maintain their separation and prevent them from coming into contact with one another when you are not present to supervise.

Enable both pets to interact with one another only when you are there. You may rest assured that your cat will not cause any harm in this manner. Your rabbit will not be overstimulated by the presence of your cat. Only intervene when absolutely necessary. You should only intervene if it appears that one of your pets is in danger. Some cats have stronger hunting instincts than others. Those who are easily enthused by a moving animal are those who fall into this category.

If your cat behaves in the same way, it is vital to keep an eye on him at all times. Until both animals are comfortable with each other, you may have to help them more than usual.

Despite this, it does not rule out the possibility of the need for supervision after a period of time. If you can, limit their playtime to times when you are present.

How to Keep Cats and Rabbits Away from Each Other

If you have a cat and a rabbit but the cat is constantly bothering your rabbit, you may want to take some precautions to keep it away from your rabbit.

This is a list of things you can do to keep cats from getting near your rabbits.

Cat-proof fences should be installed. They have a roller at the top to prevent cats from getting through. If your cat attempts to scale it, it will spin. You can use anything like this to protect your bunny.

Cat repellants are typically available in the form of a spray or a fragrance. Cats, for example, are repulsed by the fragrance of citrus fruits. As a result, spraying your cat with a citrus-scented concoction can deter them from approaching your rabbit.

Make use of a sprinkler that is actuated by motion. It is a well-known fact that cats despise being near water. As a result, utilizing sprinklers to keep them away from your rabbit is an efficient strategy to keep it safe.

Cats do consume rabbits, and if they come upon one, they will hunt it down and kill it. So, you may anticipate them to be highly aggressive towards prey animals such as rabbits.

Two rabbits. Do cats eat rabbits?
These cute bunnies may look like food to a cat

If you intend to acquire both pets, it is advisable to educate yourself on the required steps to keep the rabbit secure. Furthermore, it would be wise to anticipate a significant amount of patience when you introduce the two creatures to one another.

The bottom line is, it is not a good idea to have both a rabbit and a cat as a pet. The chances of the cat killing and eating the rabbit are much higher than a nice comfortable cohabitation between the rabbit and the cat.

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