Rabbit Predators

For our furry friends, the world contains many dangers.  In this section, we learn which animals would want to turn our lovely rabbits into a meal.  Use this information to keep your fluffle safe.

Do wolves eat Rabbits? Wolf with Bared Teeth.
Do wolves eat Rabbits?
A murder of crows

Do Crows Eat Rabbits?

Rabbits are naturally inquisitive which means they’re always getting into a little bit of mischief including sneaking out of their hutch. This has more than one rabbit owner asking do crows eat rabbits?

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Red wolves pose a threat to rabbits.

Do Wolves Eat Rabbits?

Wolves are apex predators and will hunt other wild animals for food in the wild. Wolves generally tend to hunt larger animals, like elk, moose, and deer, but on occasion will hunt and eat rabbits.

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