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Rabbits are amazing creatures.  They are furry, soft, cuddly,  and they each have their own personality.  Posts in this category are general discussion topics about rabbits.

Lionhead Rabbit, one breed of fabulous bunnies
Do Rabbits Eat Nuts: a bunch of nuts on a table

Do Rabbits Eat Nuts?

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While you’re sitting there munching on your favorite nut or nut combination, you just might consider giving one or more nut treats to our buns. Before you do, however, stop and ask yourself, do rabbits eat nuts? Or, are nuts safe for rabbits to eat? The answer to these questions is yes and no. Yes, some nuts are safe for rabbits, but if you feed them to your bun, you want to do so sparingly. After reading this article, however, you may decide to forego the nut treat altogether.

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Do bunnies get lonely

Do Bunnies Get Lonely?

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In the forest or out on the plains, rabbits create communal family groups (called warrens) that band together to satisfy each other’s social needs and to provide safety. With a group of rabbits, it is much easier to keep watch for lurking predators and help raise each other’s kits.

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