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Rabbits are amazing creatures.  They are furry, soft, cuddly,  and they each have their own personality.  Posts in this category are general discussion topics about rabbits.

Lionhead Rabbit, one breed of fabulous bunnies
angora wool

Angora Wool

Angora wool is the product of the angora rabbit. These animals produce wool that is incredibly fluffy and luxurious making it one of the most highly sought after natural materials in the world.

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can rabbits swim

Can Rabbits Swim?

In this article, we will be discussing the problems associated with allowing a rabbit to swim and the health issues it could potentially cause. Even if your bunny pal appears to like spending time in the water, it’s not something that you should let them do.

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when do rabbits stop growing

When Do Rabbits Stop Growing?

In this guide, we will be talking about the growth rate for various different breeds of rabbit and looking at what you can expect from your pet. We’ve also got some great tips that you can use to help your rabbit grow healthily and happily. So, let’s explore!

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Do bunnies get lonely

Do Bunnies Get Lonely?

In the forest or out on the plains, rabbits create communal family groups (called warrens) that band together to satisfy each other’s social needs and to provide safety. With a group of rabbits, it is much easier to keep watch for lurking predators and help raise each other’s kits.

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