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Can Rabbits Eat Sweet Potatoes?

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Sweet potatoes are delicious, and they are one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. They are an outstanding source of essential nutrients, including vitamin A and magnesium. However, can rabbits eat sweet potatoes? Some rabbit owners wonder if they are healthy and safe for their pet rabbits to consume.

The subject of sweet potatoes (see also ‘Can Rabbits Eat Potatoes?‘) for rabbits is reasonably controversial. This article will make a strong case for choosing other treats instead.

Can Rabbits Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Here’s a quick answer: sweet potatoes aren’t suitable for rabbits. For humans, sweet potatoes are an ideal, balanced diet recommended by many health advocates. Therefore, you can assume they are also safe for your rabbits.

However, your assumptions could be wrong, as sweet potatoes can be harmful rather than beneficial. Although sweet potatoes contain natural sugars, you may still want to avoid feeding them to your rabbits. In contrast, if you want your rabbit to eat the vegetable as a snack, then a moderate amount is acceptable. Your furry friend may even enjoy one serving and beg you for more!

Despite your rabbit’s preference for sweet potatoes as a snack, it can be dangerous to their health if they overindulge. Therefore, you must remember to feed your rabbit in moderation. However, if your pet develops an addiction to sweet potatoes, you may have to keep them out of reach. Also, watch your rabbit closely to prevent binging.

Are Sweet Potatoes Good For Your Rabbit?

Pet rabbit outside.
Can rabbits eats sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are very healthy, containing vitamins A, C, and B, manganese, fiber, and potassium, and are ideal for humans but not rabbits.

Typically, sweet potatoes are junk food for rabbits and are unhealthy. They are a common cause of G.I. stasis, which disrupts digestion. Since the human digestive system is different, what is healthy for you could be dangerous for your rabbit.

An ideal meal for rabbits consists of high-quality hay and leafy greens. However, a small number of sweet potatoes aren’t harmful.

How to Add Sweet Potatoes to Your Rabbit’s Diet

Despite any warnings, if you still want your rabbits to try sweet potatoes, then serve them in small portions and see if they like or digest them properly. Later, observe your furry friend for signs of illness or distress due to an upset stomach. If you hear wheezing or coughing, most likely, your rabbit is sick.

Do Rabbits Enjoy Sweet Potatoes?

Rabbits should not eat many sweet potatoes.
Sweet potatoes should be eaten in moderation.

As a rabbit owner, you may relate to this. Generally, rabbits enjoy vegetables and fruits. While they may like sweet potatoes, they don’t need to eat them.

How Many Sweet Potatoes Can Your Rabbit Eat?

You can give your rabbit a small portion of sweet potatoes but avoid daily servings. Once a week is ideal and a good amount for your rabbit to consume. If your rabbit overeats sweet potatoes, observe them for the signs of digestive distress. On the other hand, if your pet rabbit appears sluggish and bloated, refuses to eat or drink, or has diarrhea, there could be a health issue.

How Often Can A Rabbit Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Rabbits should not eat sweet potatoes. If you have tried giving a serving to your pet, it would be best to stop. An appropriate diet is mandatory, and you need some alternatives to feed your rabbit.

Can Sweet Potatoes Make Your Rabbit Sick?

Sweet potatoes can make your rabbit sick, even in small amounts. Although the issue is rare, your rabbit can experience painful gas. Digestive distress can also develop, compromising your furry friend’s tract.

Typically, sweet potatoes are helpful when training your rabbit or helping him gain weight. However, there are other treats for your bunnies to enjoy! Here are a few risks you must know before you feed sweet potatoes to your rabbit:

Gastrointestinal Stasis

Gastrointestinal stasis, or GI stasis, occurs when a rabbit eats large amounts of carbohydrates and a low fiber diet. Feeding your rabbit too many sweet potatoes could lead to a gut imbalance and slow food passage.


Starchy foods such as sweet potatoes may cause obesity. An appropriate amount of starch a rabbit should eat is up to 140 grams, while sweet potatoes contain 15 grams of starch per 100-200 grams.

While the daily limit is over 100 grams, feeding starch to rabbits isn’t recommended because it can cause sickness and excruciating stomach pain.

Can Rabbits Eat the Skin of Sweet Potatoes?

Rabbits should eat clean sweet potato skins instead of the meat.
Rabbits eating hay.

The skins of sweet potatoes have far more fiber than the core of the veggie. As a result, they are better for rabbits than vegetable meat.

The primary concern with sweet potato skin is dirt and toxin contamination. For example, pesticides are often used during the growth process. Chemical solutions are necessary to kill bacteria. Unfortunately, rabbits may eat contaminated sweet potatoes accidentally.

In addition, potato skin may upset rabbits’ stomachs. If you want to feed your rabbit this healthier option, ensure you serve only a tiny amount.

Can Rabbits Consume Sweet Potato Vines?

Yes, rabbits can consume sweet potato vines because they are a cheaper alternative to wheat and other grains.

Sweet potatoes differ from regular white potatoes. It’s necessary not to mix the two, as the guidelines for offering them to your rabbit contrast.

A regular potato plant’s leaves and blossoms can be poisonous to your pet bunny. As a result, double-check that you’re giving them sweet potato plants or leaves rather than a regular potato plant.

Are Sweet Potatoes Toxic for Rabbits?

The main issue with sweet potatoes is the high level of carbohydrates and sugar, contributing to obesity in bunnies.

Sweet potatoes may also upset your rabbit’s stomach if they are unfamiliar with a high-starch diet.

Avoid serving sweet potatoes to your rabbit if an illness develops after only one serving. If your pet finds a potato and consumes its contents while you aren’t around, you may never know. Alternatively, you can choose to serve your rabbit to see how it adapts. It will allow you to introduce your rabbit to a new food and control consumption.

If your rabbit likes the flavor of sweet potato, they may abandon their regular diet in favor of the starchy treat. As a result, they can develop nutritional imbalances and health problems. While humans can sustain seasoned sweet potatoes, rabbits cannot handle intense spices. Your pet can suffer health-wise if spices fall onto the floor accidentally, and your furry friend consumes them.   

Rabbits require an abundance of fiber, not just for their digestive processes, but also to aid in the grinding of their growing teeth. While sweet potatoes have their nutrients, they contain as much starch as vitamins and minerals. However, their natural flavor can attract and become a preferred food aside from their regular diet.


Rabbits can eat sweet potatoes and also enjoy the flavor. However, each potato contains excess starch and sugar. Although sweet potatoes are non-toxic to rabbits, they are still a risk if not served in moderation. They still contain essential nutrients that are beneficial additions to a daily diet.

If you want to feed sweet potatoes to your rabbit as a snack, ensure the amount is minimal. An excessive serving can make your rabbit very sick. On the other hand, if your rabbit has already consumed at least one potato, watch for any negative signs or reactions.

Overall, it’s best to avoid serving your rabbit sweet potatoes and focus on feeding your rabbit veggies and hay.

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