Can Rabbits eat blackberries

Can Rabbits Eat Blackberries?

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Rabbits are active animals and need a routine diet to keep them in shape. Therefore, they eat more than carrots to maintain their energy and strength. Aside from hay and vegetables, it’s best to provide a broader supply of other foods. So, can rabbits eat blackberries? Let’s find out.

Can Rabbits Eat Blackberries?

The answer is: Yes. Your pet rabbit can munch on delicious blackberries, gaining healthy benefits from the sweet fruit. Blackberries naturally contain many essential compounds like other berries (see also our article on strawberries). They are also rich in vitamins, which improve the quality of the diet of rabbits.

Can rabbits have blackberries in unlimited quantities? Generally, blackberries are safe and healthy for your pet rabbit to consume due to their high nutrients. However, you must know they also have high sugar content, so you need to limit consumption.

Do Rabbits Like Blackberries?

Blackberries can provide nutrients to your rabbits.
A blackberry bush. Can rabbits eat blackberries.

The sweet flavor of blackberries is too delicious for rabbits to ignore. They are also juicy, which makes them a familiar favorite. If you feed them to your pet, you can expect them to enjoy every bite in every serving.

Are Blackberries Good for Rabbits?

Now that you’ve had an overview of whether your rabbit can consume blackberries, read further for information regarding vital factors when feeding berries (see also ‘Can Rabbits Eat Blueberries?‘) to your furry friend.

Can Rabbits Digest Blackberries?

The answer: Yes! Rabbits can digest blackberries with the skin if they consume them in small pieces. Additionally, berries are high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making them healthy for your pet’s digestive tract. However, you must avoid canned blackberries due to their high sugar content, resulting in diseases and other debilitating health conditions.

Health Benefits Of Feeding Blackberries to Rabbits


Blackberries contain natural sources such as soluble and insoluble fibers. Including fiber in your rabbit’s diet will help lower their blood sugar level and maintain their cholesterol levels. High levels of fiber can also increase their bowel movements, control their sugar level, and help them lose weight.

Vitamin A

Blackberries are rich in Vitamin A, preventing various diseases and illnesses when fed to your rabbit. They also support the immune system and help develop strong teeth and gums. The Vitamin A content in blackberries can protect your rabbit from diseases and supports their bones’ growth.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is also present in blackberries and helps prevent blood clotting and heals wounds quicker. If your bunny struggles with injuries and cuts, blackberries can aid them.


Blackberries are a valuable source of manganese. As an essential vitamin, manganese helps balance your rabbit’s cardiovascular system and blood sugar levels, vital to their health.

Improves Brain Activity and Health

Your rabbit’s brain health is crucial to maintaining mobility and extending its life. Therefore, blackberries are vital for managing your pet’s coordination. Aside from improving your pet’s brain health, blackberries also help prevent memory loss as they age.

High Antioxidants

Blackberries have very high antioxidant levels, which help alter how brain neurons communicate and help fight disease. They can also prevent damaged cells and severe health conditions caused by illness, leading to cancer and heart diseases.

Nutritional Facts to Know About Blackberries

Blackberries for a pet rabbit.
A handful of blackberries.

Blackberries are safe for your rabbit to consume because they contain various nutrients and vitamins. Their dark shade is proof of multiple minerals. Additionally, they are low in calories and rich in fiber.

Be observant and stay cautious when introducing blackberries to your rabbit. If issues do not occur within 24 hours, you can continue the feedings. However, remove the fruit from your rabbit’s diet if they develop diarrhea or gas.

It is important that you rinse the blackberries well before feeding them to your bunny. Pesticide residue is not good for you pet. Cleaning will also remove any bacteria or mold spores.

Choose dark, ripe blackberries. An unripe batch can upset your rabbit’s stomach, while frozen berries will lose some of their nutrients over time.

The recommended serving for mature rabbits is two large or three small berries. Therefore, you can feed your pet rabbit blackberries twice a week. Unfortunately, their high sugar content is not adequate for daily feedings, especially if you’ve given your rabbit other sweets during the week.

What to Know About the Risks of Blackberries

Excessive servings of blackberries are never good for your rabbit. Although they are sweet and delectable, there are some risks in overeating due to their glucose content. Since rabbits cannot break sugar down efficiently, overconsumption can upset your bun’s tomach.

Aside from digestion issues, your rabbit could also develop diabetes and dental disease. Your pet may love blackberry juice, but the sugar can endanger their system and teeth.

Blackberries also have a relatively high water percentage. If you feed your rabbit too frequently, they could suffer from bloating and diarrhea, causing severe dehydration. Overall, if you provide your rabbit in moderation, everything will be fine for their health.

How Many Blackberries Should I Feed My Rabbit?

While blackberries are small fruits from a human point of view, one whole berry can actually be too much for your rabbit to handle. Not only can rabbits choke, but they can also develop stomach issues. Therefore, offering small berries or pieces of berries is a way to ensure your furry friend still receives vitamins and minerals in small amounts.

An excellent strategy is to serve small sections of a single blackberry to your rabbit, especially until it grows accustomed to the sweet flavor. Also, after every feeding, check for signs of bloating and excessive gas. Since rabbits are incapable of passing gas, it would be best to avoid giving them large portions.

How Frequently Should My Rabbit Eat Blackberries?

Blackberries are sugary fruits containing substantial amounts of water, making your rabbit vulnerable to excessive urine and frequent litter box trips. Additionally, the sugar content of blackberries can increase the risk of diabetes and extreme weight gain. Therefore, you should only let your pet consume them 2 or 3 days per week.

Can Rabbits Eat Blackberry Leaves?

Yes, rabbits can eat blackberry leaves and can also have brambles. On the other hand, you must avoid the rigid, wilted leaves and choose the stem and budding leaves instead.

Consider cleaning blackberry bushes before feeding them to your rabbit. Berry greens have exceptional astringent properties and are suitable for rabbits to eat.

Besides blackberries, there are similar options, such as gooseberry and raspberries. Generally, berries are healthier than other fruits, and rabbits are familiar with them because they are found in the wild, and rabbits would certainly have eaten the fallen fruit.

Can Wild Rabbits Eat Blackberries?

Wild rabbits eat berries because they grow in wild rabbit habitats. Wild rabbits cannot reach all of the fruits, and are more likely to scavenge for berries that fell to the ground. The berry season is only a few months a year, and that is only when blackberries would be available for wild rabbits to eat.

Rabbits are foragers. Since blackberries are accessible to wild rabbits for a limited time, however, you can see that this is a good food for rabbits. Be wary of foods that rabbits wouldn’t have access to in their native environment – pomegranates with their tough skin, and potatoes that grow underground.

Can rabbits eat blackberries?  Wild rabbits eat them when they can.
Wild rabbits encounter blackberries in their natural habitats.

Can Rabbits Eat Frozen Blackberries?

Berries can stay fresh in the freezer for months, but they do lose some nutrition over time. You can feed them to your bunny, however. You can even create a berry rabbit-friendly popsicle. Put a berry and some water into an ice cube tray, and then feed your bun the ice cube and hidden blackberry treat.

Can LionHead Rabbits Consume Blackberries?

Yes, lion-head rabbits can eat the same berries or other fruits as ordinary rabbits. Their magnificent fur is worth highlighting, which may benefit from eating blackberries. When feeding blackberries to your rabbits, you may want to only feed her from your hand to avoid getting berry stains on her fur or paws. It is easier to prevent the berry stain than to try to clean it after the fact. This is especially the case if your rabbit spends time indoors. You don’t want berry pawprint marks throughout your home.


Can rabbits have blackberries? Yes! Rabbits can consume blackberries in moderation to stay healthy and maintain their weight. They contain nutrients that contribute your rabbit’s health in various ways. They are an excellent treat when combined with a rabbit-healthy diet.

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