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Do you think about raising your own rabbit?

A house rabbit can be a fun addition to the family. However, these animals will need to have as much care as a dog or a cat. Usually Rabbits live from 8 to 12 year, so they require a long-term commitment from their owners. There are certain rules you need to follow and preparations you need to make before you decide to have one. Once you are ready for a rabbit, you can learn to take care of one in your home.
1. Be prepared for a rabbit. Rabbits are not low-maintenance animals. They require the same amount of time, money, and care as dogs and cats. They require a water bowl, a high-quality rabbit food, toys, as much exercise as a dog, and a litter tray. Plus they need your daily attention.
  • These animals have their own personalities and take special care. Think about getting a lower maintenance animal if you don’t think you have the time and money to care for a rabbit.

2. Spend enough time with your rabbit. Rabbits need company and companionship from you, especially if he is your only pet. You should spend at least three hours a day with your rabbit outside of his cage, but he may like more time inside the cage as well. Spend this time playing with him. Give him cardboard tubes, phone books, and rolling toys, which rabbits love.
  • Rabbits will get lonely and depressed if they don’t have enough human interaction every day. Make sure you can devote enough time to them.
  • If you can’t be with your rabbit long enough each day, consider getting another rabbit. Make sure you house them separately until you properly introduce them so they can bond. Rabbits do not like to share space unless they have been specially bonded.

3. Avoid cuddling your rabbit too much. Although rabbits look like adorable little balls of fluff, they don’t enjoy being cuddled and hugged too much. Rabbits are more likely to be afraid of being hugged, especially if you lean over then and try to pick them up. Since they are prey animals, this reminds them of being hunted by hawks and other birds, which can frighten them.
  • A few rabbits will tolerate being stroked for long periods of time, while most will enjoy it for short periods. Occasionally, rabbits will even nip you when you stop.
  • This will vary from animal to animal. Judge your rabbit’s personality and find the best way to approach and pick him up.

4. Be cautious with kids. Children, especially rambunctious ones, can scare rabbits immensely. Rabbits will feel as if they are being attacked by a predator if a small child is yelling and screaming around them. Never let a child chase your rabbit around the house or try to pick them up after doing so. The rabbit will feel threatened and may lash out.
  • Many kids aren't gentle and may hurt a rabbit while trying to pet them. Children five years or younger shouldn't have a rabbit.


All in all, there are many things what you should know before growing your own rabbit. Please, think about it really seriously! :)


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