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Do Bunnies have their own island? YES THEY DO!

Hey guys! Have you ever heard about Bunny Island in Japanese? If not, you must see that!   Small Story about it Bunnies rule the small Japanese island of Okunoshima. The rabbit population has exploded from only five individual bunnies introduced to the island in the 1960's. An incredible reproduction rate, lack of natural predators and tourists eager to feed the hopping furballs have allowed the population to multiply with stunning speed.    

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The 10 Most Important Bunny Facts of All Time

1. Bunnies have lots of babies. Rabbits can have multiple litters each year, giving birth to up to nine babies, known as “kittens,” each time. In the wild, they’re born helpless in a shallow hole lined with grass and their mamma’s fur. Mother rabbits in the wild spend only a few moments each day with their babies in order to avoid drawing attention to them from predators. The babies grow quickly and continue to live together as a family. 2. They get grumpy if you intrude on their space. When you adopt a rabbit, you quickly learn that they’re very particular about their territory. They need lots of space and have specific spots where they like to eat, sleep, and...

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