Are Rabbits Smart

Are Rabbits Smart?

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It is difficult to know how to measure intelligence in animals. In school, you would have taken exams and tests to prove your intelligence.

Intelligence in animals is measured in many different ways, and this article will explore whether rabbits are intelligent according to these measurements. 

Rabbits are very intelligent animals. This is indicated in their memory skills, their ability to overcome problems and their ability to see and react to cues. 

Read on to find out about the rabbit’s intelligence. 

In What Ways Are Rabbits Smart?

Rabbits are very smart in lots of different ways. These include: 


Research shows that rabbits can have a long-term memory of up to 12 months. They will remember everything that they have learned over this time, and this will improve their ability to solve problems and carry out tasks. 

Solve Problems 

Rabbits have the ability to solve problems on their own. They can also learn how to work together to solve problems together, if they are placed with other rabbits. 

Rabbits are quick learners with excellent long term memory
Rabbits are quick learners with excellent long term memory

Social Cues

Rabbits are very good at picking up on social cues. They are very likely to remember an action that has caused them harm in the past. If you lift your arm, and a rabbit has been hit, then it will become scared.

As well as this, bunnies are capable of learning how to do things simply by watching other rabbits do the action.

If a rabbit watched another rabbit jump over an obstacle, this is often enough to teach them to do the same. 

Sense Of Direction 

Rabbits have a very good sense of direction which makes it very quick and easy for them to find food that has been hidden. They can also be taught how to follow a trail.

They can run at a speed of up to 30 miles per hour. They also have an instinctual sense that being in an open space is dangerous to them, which is why they often avoid fields and roads. 

Which Breeds Of Rabbit Are Smarter?

A lot of people will select their breed of rabbit based on cuteness or temperament. Research hasn’t found a bunny that is more intelligent than others.

If you have a rabbit, this rabbit is likely to be very smart, or it has the potential to be smart.

In order to bring this out of your rabbit, you will need to work on training the rabbit and spend some time with it. 

How Can You Train Your Rabbit?

How Can You Train Your Rabbit
Yes, you can train a rabbit!

You can train your rabbits in lots of different ways, however, you shouldn’t expect that your bunny will learn as many impressive commands that a dog might be able to learn.

When you are training your bunny, a good place to start is by teaching them their name. If your rabbit runs over to you when you call its name, then you have trained it well. 

Another way to train your rabbit is by teaching them to use a litter tray. 

Training a rabbit is quite a long process, and you must ensure that you remain patient with your pet. It will not be an overnight process. Instead, you will have to spend a few weeks to fully teach your rabbit a command. 

If you are able to train your rabbit to be able to use a litter tray you will save a lot of time and energy over the years.

If you teach your rabbit some commands that they can respond to, it will increase the bond between you and your rabbit. 

You can also train your rabbit to sit, spin around, jump over obstacles, fetch and find food that has been hidden.

Are There Toys To Increase Your Rabbit’s Intelligence?

You can use treats and rewards to help to train your rabbit. This is a great way to build up trust with your animal.

You can also purchase an activity toy for rabbits online, which is a fun way to train your rabbit.

With this toy, you will have loads of fun with your rabbit. You can play with the ropes, put shapes into the correct holes and play with the wooden block.

Are Rabbits Smarter Than Dogs Or Cats?

According to research, dogs are expected to be smarter than rabbits. Dogs are not necessarily more trainable than rabbits, but there are some other factors in their intelligence that show dogs to trump rabbits.

For instance, dogs seem to have better survival instincts and an understanding of risks to their life. This is likely because dogs are larger animals who would naturally hunt smaller animals, like bunnies.

In this situation, the predator is using their intelligence to find their prey and outsmart them.

As well as this, if there is a correlation between brain size and intelligence, then dogs will be the more intelligent creatures. 

Dogs are also more intelligent than cats. Cats have smaller brains than dogs, and dogs seem to be more intelligent because of their sociability. 

Both cats and dogs are accepted to be more intelligent than rabbits, although there is a debate surrounding whether rabbits or cats are more intelligent.

Many people think that the two have very similar intelligence levels. 

Where Does A Rabbit Lack Intelligence?

There are a few things that rabbits can’t do that other animals are more capable of. For instance: 

  • Rabbits can’t work out how to escape from a cage or hutch. 
  • Rabbits’ brains are very small. 
  • Rabbits are unable to see at night very clearly. This is because they don’t have any eyelids and their eyes work differently.

Final Thoughts 

Rabbits are very intelligent creatures and if you want to see how intelligent your bunny is, you can always attempt some training.

While rabbits are not thought to be more intelligent than dogs, many people believe that they have a similar level of intelligence to cats. The study of animal cognition is still a fairly new field, so the relative intelligence of animals should become more clear over time.

There are many ways that you can care for your rabbit in order to display its intelligence, such as training it to use a litter tray.

Video On Rabbit Intelligence

Watch PigPoke the Rabbit outsmart some humans…

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