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Share the love of Rabbits!

Rabbits make the best pets ever.

To begin with they are just soo cute!

Rabbits are relatively easy to care for

  • You don’t need to walk them like a you would a dog.
  • They aren’t aloof like cats.
  • They live longer than hamsters and gerbils and other rodents.
  • They are clean, quiet, and cuddly.

Everyone in your family can participate in caring for them.

I’m Zoe, and I have loved rabbits for a very long time.

This site is all about pet rabbits. Its purpose is to share information about the types of rabbits that are kept as pets. It delves into the peculiarities and nuances of rabbit behavior, and it discuss how to take care of them.

Rabbits are the best….and so very very cute!

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Petting Rabbits

Share the love of Rabbits!